Sun rouses me, calls me to the windowwhere she stains low-hanging clouds like teasteeping in boiled water.I feel fat with love today after waking from a uncanny dreamwhere streets lined with radiator brush treesled me, Panglossian to have been seduced on a Friday,to you. While sun leaps softly out of the tree topsand plays an … Continue reading Cathexis

Please pay at the reception desk on your way out @ Kaleidoscope

The first time my poem "Please pay at the reception desk on your way out" was published was in the late autumn of 2020. It was accepted by Blanket Sea, a small indie publication dedicated to poetry about chronic illness. I received the honour of having my poem nominated for the Best of the Net … Continue reading Please pay at the reception desk on your way out @ Kaleidoscope

Poetry in translation: Anais knits time

And the old clock in the kitchen stands still now.Always quarter to seven.The warm knitted stitches in autumn days forming, one by one,a warm colourful scarf.For friends, for herself, knitted in is the quiet, lost timein this house. Quiet hours, gone and forgotten.Like tassels of her imagination, the same.Each carefully knitted stitch is a meditation, … Continue reading Poetry in translation: Anais knits time

Counter-poem: Selima’s snail

Royalty free image from rawpixel. The Poetry Review — submissions for non-members of The Poetry SocietySubmitted on August 17, 2022 Your nameConny Borgelioen Titles & no. of poems submittedSelima’s snail 1 Cover LetterDear editors, I felt somewhat riled by Selima Hill’s poem “The Snail”, published in The Poetry Review Summer edition and on the website. … Continue reading Counter-poem: Selima’s snail