The giant water lily clears rivalsfrom the sluggish surfaceby brandishing its pale-spiked bud like a morning star. In the cerulean murk, the bud creeps,then thrusts upward, emergingas a monstrous Aphrodite. Well-armed, the bud jets out,performs a dizzying choreographythat makes the water seethe. Victorious, the lily bud claims its spot,drives spikes into its competitionas it unfurls, … Continue reading Photoshoot


I travelled by land, did not come by sea, I wasn’t carried by the rippled surface you see today. I slowly walked here a long way following a trail, footprints in the sticky black earth. A syllable by keratin, indentation made in the search for food and water, the edges already crumbling. Nothing was wasted, … Continue reading Doggerland

Poem @ Jalmurra

A poem of mine called Today or tomorrow has found a home on the website of Jalmurra, the online journal that is dedicated to spreading awareness for the environment through art. Please go read it there, and linger a while to enjoy the other beautiful offerings.