A selection of published work

Precarious condition (poem and collage), The Winged Moon magazine issue 3.

Submerged (lyric essay), The Winged Moon magazine issue 2.

Please pay at the reception desk on your way out, Kaleidoscope issue 86.

I sleep alone, t’ART Autumn Showcase.

Doe reflecting (haiga), Ink Sweat & Tears.

The force of change (erasure poem), Baby Teeth Journal.

The time I lost my appetite (erasure poem), Feral Journal issue 13: The Hunger issue.

Under my previous alias Constance Bourg:

Today or tomorrow, Jalmurra [nominated Best of the Net 2022].

Fed from the breast, Atelier of Healing: poetry about trauma and recovery (anthology), Squircle Line Press.

The problem, Rogue Agent issue 70.

Clammed up, the Emma Press anthology of illness.

Please Pay at the Reception Desk on Your Way Out, Blanket Sea [nominated Best of the Net 2020].

The Trip Up, Rogue Agent issue 59.

The Ghost of Me, The Ekphrastic Review.

Reclamation, Haibun Today.

The Time I Lost My Appetite (flash fiction), Reflex Fiction.