Poetry in translation: Anais knits time

And the old clock in the kitchen stands still now.Always quarter to seven.The warm knitted stitches in autumn days forming, one by one,a warm colourful scarf.For friends, for herself, knitted in is the quiet, lost timein this house. Quiet hours, gone and forgotten.Like tassels of her imagination, the same.Each carefully knitted stitch is a meditation, … Continue reading Poetry in translation: Anais knits time


with Lize Spit & Thomas Gunzig An octopus has three hearts:one for birth, one for life, one for death.The soft oval body envelopseverything it needs. One human heart attempts to thinkof yesterday, today, and tomorrow,but the head doesn't listen.Through the ossicles we learn thatmany things in nature occur in threes:you, me and your ego in … Continue reading Insurmountable