The box

Inside is no place to hide. It is a pit, a climb—a ladder with missingsteps A dark place leading to a volte-face.Too much introspection leads to death. Pummeling by mothballs, cedar, toile de Jouy,whalebone ribs ripping,tender scribblings on lined paper. Who are you? Box or pyramid? Will you ever let me go? Inside outI walk … Continue reading The box


The giant water lily clears rivalsfrom the sluggish surfaceby brandishing its pale-spiked bud like a morning star. In the cerulean murk, the bud creeps,then thrusts upward, emergingas a monstrous Aphrodite. Well-armed, the bud jets out,performs a dizzying choreographythat makes the water seethe. Victorious, the lily bud claims its spot,drives spikes into its competitionas it unfurls, … Continue reading Photoshoot