The giant water lily clears rivals
from the sluggish surface
by brandishing its pale-spiked bud like a morning star.

In the cerulean murk, the bud creeps,
then thrusts upward, emerging
as a monstrous Aphrodite.

Well-armed, the bud jets out,
performs a dizzying choreography
that makes the water seethe.

Victorious, the lily bud claims its spot,
drives spikes into its competition
as it unfurls,

a final burst
of sunlight for life below.
Staring up at the ribbed structure

supporting the glass roof.
The moist air forms crystal drops
on the sitting baby’s delicate skin

that contrasts so nicely
with the scale-like green of the giant lily pad.

Shooting babies on giant lilies is a yearly occurrence at Plantentuin Meise.

12 thoughts on “Photoshoot

  1. Is it true, Conny, I wondered about the photo with the baby and googled. And you’ll be happy to know that your post of 3 days ago was the third item on Google search. Way to go, Conny! Tremendous.
    >> Shooting babies on giant lilies is a yearly occurrence at Plantentuin Meise <<
    Entering these words resulted in this great find. Happy for you! And I never knew water lilies grew that large. Lovely poem and very informative. Thanks for sharing. XoXo
    Oh and then I checked to see if we had those giant lilies in Japan. Here’s what I found. Thanks for indirectly leading me here. Yay. I / We can go to Shiga. Xoxo

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  2. Conny, you are a total master of this particular, exquisite little stab of surprise. I always love how you build up a world we think we’re familiar with and then zhoop! we’re somewhere else. Well, insert your own sound effect. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Layla. Yes, there’s certainly at twist at the end. There should be an indentation on the last line of the fifth stanza and the first line of the sixth stanza, but WordPress formatting doesn’t allow for that. (As far as I know.)

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