After: Love after love

after Derek Walcott

Today I looked
in the mirror, and I
grimaced at myself, and I
grimaced back, and a weight
fell of our shoulders, releasing
a deep sadness that rose up
and came out of the corners
of our eyes.

We remembered that we were not alone,
we remembered the many notes, poems,
affirmations, we wrote to stay in touch
with our self.

The thread is never broken,
only temporarily forgotten
because of another,

but we joined up in the mirror
remembered the poems.

14 thoughts on “After: Love after love

  1. XoXo

    “joined up in the mirror
and remembered the poems”

    I like this ending, Conny. Two souls joined by one memory. It’s two souls facing each other. How insightful. Thanks for sharing this loveliness. I enjoyed it tremendously.

    Liked by 1 person

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