Experimental poem: The seasons of us

This week I’d like to share an experimental poem with you. This poem is partially a found poem and takes its inspiration and form from a dictionary entry.

Because of the form I’m forced to present this poem through the use of an image file. For those of you who use screen readers, I will paste the text into the alt caption. I hope it still makes sense that way!

The seasons of us

Season • n. 1 each of the four divisions of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) marked by particular weather and daylight hours. See Bloom, Sunburn, Shedding, and Regeneration. 2 a period of the year when a particular activity is done: the wedding season. See also The Honeymoon Season; Us. phrases in season 1 (of a fruit or vegetable) plentiful and ready to eat. See Feast, Abundance. 2 (of a female mammal) ready to mate. See Fecund .
Season • v. 1 add salt, herbs, or spices to food. See Salsa, Piquant; Me. 2 make something more interesting. See Aphrodisiac; You. 3 keep wood so as to dry it for use as timber. See Structural Problems, Collapse. 4 (as adj. seasoned) experienced: a seasoned traveller. See Journey, A Long Road Home.

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    • Oh thank you! Great praise indeed! It’s an older poem actually. I posted it on Instagram when I first wrote it, but it wasn’t very popular. Nevertheless, I kept believing in this poem. It’s just a question of presenting it to the right people!

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