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Hey everyone. I hope you’re all keeping well. I know I’m not posting much at the moment, but I’m still struggling to adjust to a new working schedule.

I’m not exactly helping myself by reaching for the high histamine foods in times of stress. I really need to stick to my anti-inflammatory, low-histamine, auto-immune diet more carefully.

(How many of you need at least ten minutes to explain your diet to other people? Let me know in the comments.)

But I do have some good news to share: my poem “I sleep alone” is now lounging quite contently on the t’ART website as part of their Autumn Showcase. Thank you Amelia and the t’ART team for sharing my work!

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    • They are foods that are naturally high in histamine, provoke the release of histamine, or prevent the breakdown of histamine in the body. There are many lists on the internet. None of them are accurate, because one person’s cure is another’s poison. The best one is in a book by Dr. Janice Vickerstaff Joneja.

      But typical examples would be anything dried (herbs, spices), anything cured (meat, fish) or cultured (kimchi, kefir), strawberries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, olive oil, leftovers, …

      Histamine is necessary in fruits and vegetables for the ripening process. In animal products, histamine is produced by bacteria. The less fresh, the more bacteria, so more histamine.

      Excess histamine in the body causes allergy-like reactions and symptoms. In severe cases it can cause anaphylaxis.

      And here concludes my crash course! 😂


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