Doe haiga @ Ink Sweat & Tears

In the early of summer of 2020, I made a digital artwork featuring a doe. This was during the first pandemic lockdown.

We all saw the images of animals expanding their foraging or hunting grounds into urban territories, while we were mostly locked inside our houses. But I couldn’t help thinking about how quickly we’ve regained our terrain and have sent animals scurrying to the boundaries again. How soon we forget in our hunger to return to a “normal state”.

So I am glad to share that my haiga has found a home on the website of Ink Sweat & Tears, an eclectic UK-based webzine of poetry, prose, and word&image.

10 thoughts on “Doe haiga @ Ink Sweat & Tears

  1. A fine home for her. It saddens me too, the retreat of urban wildlife in so many places. I know it’s fraught with public health concerns but I wish it was possible to manage that in a different way.

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    • Living in close contact with animals is good for our microbiome. What’s “public health” anyway?! Sounds like something someone made up. Probably the same bunch that invented hand sanitizer 😂

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      • Probably! And personally I’d rather get rabies from a fox than pretty much anything from a human being, but I’ve managed to keep pretty healthy so far maintaining an intelligent distance from both 😉

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